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Our coffee "Ethiopia Sidamo" is a type of Arabica coffee of single origin grown exclusively in the Sidamo Province of Ethiopia. Our Farm is located in the jungle of Dawa basin at about 520km south of Addis Ababa in Guji zone of Oromia Regional State. Ethiopia Sidamo features a small and greyish bean, yet has a deep, spice and wine or chocolate-like taste and floral aroma. The most distinctive flavour notes found in all Sidamo coffee are lemon and citrus with bright crisp acidity. Sidamo coffee includes Yirgachefe and Guji Coffee.


Our coffee is produced without the aid of artificial chemical substances, additives, pesticides and herbicides.


Indegenous to the forests of the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia


Semi-forest coffee, maintaining inherent quality of wild coffee.


Directly creating better lives for eco-friendly growers and their families.

About us

Who are we? What's our vision?

Moredocofe PLC is a shareholders company specialized in high quality shade grown organic coffee production, processing and marketing. We are committed to maintaining the world with the best quality semi-forest organic coffee.Our vision is to produce high quality coffee and healthy food for all human beings and grow together with our out-grower farmers.

Moredocofe grows processes and exports high quality semi-forest, organic Arabica coffee from the birth place of coffee, Ethiopia. In order to improve the quality of coffee produced by small holders’ moredocofe is closely working with over 300 out grower farmers, which are organized in groups of 10. We support out growers by providing them agricultural extension services, processing services, and marketing services.

By choosing Moredocofe Organic, Rainforest Alliance, BCS oko guarantee certified coffee you are directly supporting a better life for eco-friendly growers and their families: by ensuring the traceability of the coffee throughout the market chain, and through promotion of sustainable production system which safeguards the ecosystem.


See what it is like to be on our coffee farm.

Semi-forest Coffee

Our coffee plants are part of the jungle, tracing their origin from the very first wild coffee plant.

Just like the first coffee tree

Moredocofe maintains its own seedling production nursery sites where we carefully select mature seeds from wild grown mother trees maintaining inherent quality of the coffee and thereby continuing generic rejuvenation from the wild grown tree.


The coffee bushes are grown under a shade canopy which is made up of a variety of tress and companion plantings of tropical fruit trees.

Green Cherries

In about 5 years the coffee plant becomes ready and bears green coffee cherries.

Picked by hand

Ripe cherries are harvested and they are picked by hand. Pickers rotate among the trees, which are at the peak of ripeness.

Only the best

Coffee cherries are sorted to remove the bad or unripe fruit from the rest of the ripe fruit. This process ensures the selection of the best quality cherries.

Washed and Sun-dried

Our coffee is washed with the best standards out there.

The coffee is spread out in rows on large patios where it is raked every few hours to promote even drying.

Be part of our family

When you come to visit our farm you will not only drink coffee from its birthplace but you will also get the unique opportunity of planting 2-3 coffee seedlings on land which is set aside for our visitors. See our "Special Offer" section below.


We follow world standards in our coffee production process, thus have been granted the following certifications.

Our Special Offer

Be a family of Moredocofe

Globalization has made the world one village and Moredocofe will make the village one family. when you come to visit our farm you will not only drink coffee from its birthplace but you will also get the unique opportunity of planting 2-3 coffee seedlings on land which is set aside for our visitors, who would like to grow their own coffee plants. Do not worry! Our experts will care and oversee your plants.

Upon return you will savor and enjoy the flavor of your own coffee. If you are unable to come, we will send you your organic coffee to your home. In return we ask that you continue to advocate for organic and eco-friendly production system.


We have been awarded by many institutions for the quality of our coffee.

Roasters Guild

Coffee of the year, 2008

Minnesota, USA

New Millenium Award

International award for excellence in products and services, 2009

Madrid, Spain

The New Era Award

for technology innovation and quality, 2010

Paris, France

Top Quality Customer Satisfction Aptitude Seal

High quality performance and best customer satisfaction certificate, 2010

Paris, France

International Arch of Europe for Quality


Frankfurt, Germany

Quality Crown


London, England

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